How to Use MagicJack App

If you have heard of Magicjack but you so not know how to use magicjack app then you need to know that using this app is very easy because magicjack phone service provides you an opportunity of making unlimited free calls to iOS within US and Canada without spending any amount of money. It is the best way of staying connected with your dear and dear ones as it is considered as a highly portable and economical alternative to the traditional phone service. It is especially very beneficial for the iPod and iPad users as this app does not require any kind pf payments or credit card for paying the money.

If you are wondering how to use magicjack app then you will just need to install this app in your Smartphone for enjoying totally free phone service for staying in touch with your family and friends. But when you have installed the app for the first time then you will have to select from the give three options which includes signing into your account with the magicjack voice over gizmos, using your existing number or assessing all your associated contacts with the use of this free phone service how to use magicjack app. Moreover it will offer you second phone line that is complemented with voice mailbox so that you can use it for your iphone so that even when you are on the go or abroad, you can use this app for free communication on your mobile phone.

With the magicjack app you can make 100% free calls to US, Canada and Puerto Rico as this app is free to download as it is known for its beneficial features and clarity of the phone calls. This app has been designed to automatically sync up with your iOS and android contacts as it also offers you the highest degree of device portability.