Magic Jack Cell Phone App

The Magic Jack cell phone apps market is massive - more people have cell phones than having personal computers - and the diversity of what people want to do with their smartphones easily matches what they do on their computers.

So it is no surprise that many technically savvy people want to tap into that market and try their hand at fashioning their applications. After all, many of these apps can be quite simple, with fewer 'moving pieces' than a typical computer application, and so are less demanding to create.

For the current generation of Blackberry's, iPhones and Win Mo-based phones, there is a good prospect of a well thought out and developed, web app making it big, The market for a useful phone app is massive.

That's because of the relatively mature market, and so customer base, associated with these platforms. There is a hurdle, however, in making your web apps, and it is a pretty high one. You will need to be somewhat serious about programming to get your phone app going.

First, yu will have to register with the company who make the platform your target phone uses. They want to ensure apps on their cell phones will meet certain standards. Once registered, get hold of the software development kit from the internet. These should contain all the tools you need to test and develop your app.

Then, once it is ready, you must pass the app over to the platform vendor, so they can verify it before it is allowed to be marketed on their website. A pretty tall order for what could be a simple idea.

The alternative? Build your applications for your phone. This has now become a reality thanks to Google and their Android operating system; It has a tool called App Inventor which opens up the creation of apps even to developers. This has the potential to revolutionize the market in MagicJack cell phone app.